Ceremony Facilitator • Entertainer • Singer • Motivational Speaker

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Kaufeee's Blog

Kaufeee: Cape Town Oktoberfest 2nd & 3rd Oktober 2018

Kaufeee: Windhoek Oktoberfest 26th & 27th Oktober 2018

Kaufeee: Oktoberfest Gobabis 20th October 2018

Kaufeee & Andre Havenga: Reinheitsgebot Beer & Food Festival SKW Windhoek 11 August 2018

Kaufeee & Leon Burger: Nagskof Windhoek 10 August 2018

Kaufeee & Wouter de Bruyn: Vintage 28 July 20148 from 13h00

Kaufeee & Leon Burger: Nagskof Windhoek 13 July 2018

Kaufeee: Brian Finch Benefit Concert @ Vintage Pub & Grill Windhoek 7 July 2018

Kaufeee & Leon Burger: Elisenheim Schlachtefest 30 June 2018

Kaufeee & Wouter de Bruyn: Swakopmund Karneval 2018. 22 & 23 June 2018

Kaufeee & Wouter de Bruyn: Vintage Dance Bar 9th June 2018 @ 20h00

Kaufeee & Wouter de Bruyn: Karibib 4 x 4 Vasbyt 19th May 2018

Kaufeee: Die Geheime Bendehuis 11 & 12 May @ 21h00

The official Kaufeee Website is Live: www.kaufeee.com

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Public Shows

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"A true Entertainer, Radio Presenter, Singer, Motivator, Master of Ceremonies and Humorist"

About Kaufeee



Hannes found his love for entertaining the crowds in his school days as a drama student whilst schooling in Cape Town, South Africa. 

His vocal ability has come from birth mainly due to his ever outreaching positive, fun-filled and jovial family. His father in particular was his main inspiration to continue his life ventures with regard to music and in particular lead singing. Growing up in a German/English family and the influence of his Afrikaans and native country citizens have all influenced his ambitions to entertain and share joyful moments with all of those around him.   


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Ceremony Facilitator

Hannes has been the events facilitator/ master of ceremonies for many formal and less formal functions over the years




Hannes is able to entertain an audience without any shyness and uses his many talents such as humor, song and story-telling to do so.

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